Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Style

Two knots pined in place. Easy as that. I love the way it looks. :)

I just liked these pictures. I think they look kinda fairy tale-ish. Alice in Wonderland?

Alright. Here are some doodles I did. (Why is it that the best doodles are inevitably on lined paper?) I just thought this girl was cute.

And This one needs broader shoulders but I still like the over-all effect. (Ssshh, don't look now, but I tend to draw all my people gazing off the same way. Hehe.)

This one I love. I know it's rough and very doodle-y but I think she looks cool. I actually drew her with one of my story characters in mind and she just about fits the bill. I am very fond of her. She looks in a almighty hurry, doesn't she? Or at least, very determined about something. Maybe one day I'll find out why that is.

I recently discovered this song and I'm a bit addicted to it right now. I think the lyrics are so pretty. They hit home. (A pun you will get after listening to the song. lol.)


God Bless!


  1. Holy Smokes Amy! YOU'RE an AWESOME drawer too! In all make me sick! :-) I like the hairstyle too. Never really realized how curly your hair is! Gina

  2. pretty! Your drawings are awesome. I hope ONE DAY to become a SHADE of that. :) And I'm not being biased.

  3. Thank you both. :)
    Yeah, Gina, for some reason the last year or two my hair has gotten pretty curly and when I wear it in a style that makes my hair 'shorter' it is really curly. I likes it!
    (When I was in Kansas, what with the humidity, I had hair like Christine from the Phantom of the Opera! I loved it. )

  4. Sigh. You wait Soooo long to post. SIGH. I guess it was like.... 5 days ago. SIGH. Bella SAD.