Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random stuff

After the whole challenge thing I felt very done with blogging and didn't have it in me write anything, or comment on blogs.

Still, here I am and without the prompts! And I have nothing to say.

What did I blog about before the challenge?

I'm going to settle for random stuff. Random is good.

It's downright chilly here now. I've started pulling out my winter clothes in earnest. I like this part--it's like have a new wardrobe again.

This year I'm really in the mood for this kind of clothing.

I'm waiting for my banana's to go all dark-side on me so that I can make banana bread. *Eyeballs bananas* They are very yellow right now. They might all be devoured before they have a chance to go dark-side. It's like eating a Minion.

I absolutely love Circus roses. They're my favorite. 
Working at a florist shop definitively has its good points.
Aren't they lovely?

I can't wait for season 7 of Psych to hit netflix. I'm not sure when it will, but when it does I'm going to makes sure my netflix account is up for a month. *Grin*

I've had this song stuck in my head for three days now. At least it's a song that like. 
John Denver wrote some lovely music.

I love this. It's so true. 

The lyrics to Josh Groban's Brave song are pretty much my favorite right now. 

That's all I've got! 
God Bless

1 comment:

  1. Plaid? Might it have something to do with a certain brother?

    I want season seven too! I was half way into it when it went on Hulu Plus which I don't have. I want to know what happens next! (How far into it were you?)

    How come when you want bananas to keep they turn black really fast but when you want them to turn they refuse? (Minions. I shall forever feel bad about eating them now.)

    BRAVE!!!! (Sorry, love that song.)