Friday, January 31, 2014

Sherlock, Season 3

Let me just start of by warning all of you that this post is going to have tons of Sherlock spoilers,so if you haven't watched all of season 3 yet, it might be better if you don't read this post at all. Consider yourselves warned!

Now, on to the good stuff. 

The Premiere deserved a special something to commemorate the event. Since our original tea party was a flop, we went ahead and did a re-do. 

What is Sherlock without tea? Sad. It is sad. One doesn't feel properly British without tea.

Just put the cookies on my lap. That's right.  

The Empty Hearse

Enter person running for his life through a forest
Sherlock LIVES!

Enter John being adorable in the restaurant.
*Snickers with joy*

Who wouldn't love this episode? Sherlock lives and John finally knows
Oh, and then there's Mary. I was surprised at how much I loved Mary right away. She is perfect for John. She actually likes Sherlock--and Sherlock likes her. It is definitely meant to be. :)

I did feel like the episode was the tiniest big rambling. Almost like it was there just to get you back into the whole Sherlock thing. The plot was a little odd. There wasn't much crime solving and the detecting that was there sort of took a back seat to the characters. But the characters are fantastic. They take you right back to 221B in the best way. 

John's reaction to Sherlock being alive was pretty much as perfect as I hoped it would be. 
*Grins like a moron*

This moment? Fantastic!

Overall, this episode was completely satisfying. Everything I hoped would happen did happen. Except for the fact that I'm still not 100% sure how Sherlock faked his death. I don't think the story Sherlock told Anderson was completely true. I felt like Sherlock embellished it a bit...
What do you all think? Maybe I'm looking into it too much?
Still. I was delighted with the whole thing. There was brilliant bits of humor an brilliant bits of...stuff happening. 

John getting drugged and trapped in an effigy fire. Strange but exciting. 

And the scary/hilarious bit with the bomb.
 The Empty Hearse gets a 4-5 star rating in my opinion. 
It was way better that season 2's premiere. I totally hated Irene Adler and that episode is my least favorite. This one was just good fun. It laid the groundwork for the rest of the season and left you eager for the next episode. 

Unfortunately, what with jobs and life and no TV, we had to wait a week before we could watch the next episodes. 
It felt longer. After two years of waiting, how can a week make that much of a difference?

I should also thank all of you that were kind enough to send me links to where I could watch season 3 online. Otherwise I might very well still be waiting. :)

We were definitely in full Sherlock mode when we got together to watch the rest of the season. 

We had a wonderful dinner and watched both episodes 2 and 3 the same night. It was a blast!

One of my friends got me a really cool cookie cutter and this was the night to try it out.
Isn't it cool the way it sits on the side of the cup?

The Sign of Three

I LOVED this episode. Everything about it was fantastic. 

I will be the first to say that if someone had asked me if I liked the idea of John and Sherlock getting drunk, I would answered with an admit no. But I actually I didn't mind! It was done well and it really was very funny.

Oh, and this scene? Awesome!
Because that's what best friends do.

This episode was probably the most sweet and thoughtful of any of them. There were some really touching moments and the part where Sherlock plays his violin for John and Mary's dance was perfect.

I was just...

I really enjoyed the way this episode goes along and you sit there thinking, "is this going anywhere?" as Sherlock's 'best man speech' goes on and on. Then suddenly everything ties together perfectly.

I loved the crime in this one. Which does sound a little bit creepy, doesn't it? I found it to be very clever. I like clever crimes. Which also sounds a bit creepy, but oh well.

I might add that I knew the bad guy was the photographer at John's wedding the second he showed up there. *Smirks*

His Last Vow.

So while Moriarty might be the best villain in Sherlock, this is the guy you hate the most.
Charles Augustus Milverton...

I mean, at least Moriarty has a certain amount of class--for a creepy, crazy person, that is.

This guy was just...*shudders.* You pretty much want him to die the first time you see him. At least I did. Anyone else? Gosh, he was just so oily and piggish.

I wasn't prepared for what happens in this episode. The whole Mary plot twist took me by complete surprise. And I hated it at first. I couldn't see how they could ever fix a plot twist like that.

But then this scene happened and I cried like an idiot. 
And suddenly it worked! 

And let me just add that John is my favorite. He has been since the first episode of the first season. But that moment just made me love for him even more. He is such a great fellow. *Melts*

I think this episode might have been the strongest of season 3. It was driven, it was confusing and it was brilliant.

The whole beginning is just great. I love the bit with John in that old warehouse place. 

And that line, "I'm a doctor, I know how to sprain people," cracks me up every time I think about it.

There was more off-ish stuff in this episode than in the other two, which is unfortunate. Nothing as blah as the Irene Adler stuff. But frustrating none the less. 

Still, that stuff aside, I loved it. 

I am hoping season 4 gets back to solving crime a little bit more. Don't get me wrong, there are crimes in season 3 and they were good and I loved them. But the other two seasons focused a bit more on the actually crimes and the crimes felt like they were more important to the plot than in season 3.
Other than that, I really have no complaints. The character development was awesome and I am feeling quite ready for round two of season three. *Grin* I think it might even be better the second time around.

What about you all? What did you think? 

Well, that's pretty much sums up my views on it. And yep. Now we wait. *Resists the urge to pull out hair*

But hey, at least there will be a season 4! And we've got this to look forward to!

And with that pleasant thought, I'm off!
God Bless!


  1. Boom Boom Boom... Sherlock!

    And that's all I've got. :)

    1. I can do better....

      "Boom Boom Boom...season four!" lol. I like yours better. :)

  2. Season 3 pretty much killed me. So much brilliance. So good. Gah. Mary. I love Mary. And Sherlock saying "Not dead". It was like Moffat and Gatiss read all the fan theories and whatnot and then put everything into that episode. And the second episode was so sweet. Gosh. And the last one. That whole mind scene with Molly and Redbeard and then with the Mary and John andkfdsg. AND MAGNUSSEN. Ew. The entire episode long I was really wanting someone to shoot him and for Moriarty to come back. And then it happened and I was pleased. *hugs Moffat instead of shaking fist*

  3. I know! It was awesome! :)
    After that guy's second scene, I looked at my sisters and said, "I'm surprised no one has tried to kill that guy off yet!" He was so icky.
    I am excited about Moriarty coming back. He is a fantastic bad guy.