Monday, January 13, 2014

This post doesn't have a proper name

Do you ever read other people's blogs and think, "Gosh, they are so together and funny and dedicated! I will be better about my own blog." And then a week and a half slides by and you remember, "Oh yes. I have a blog. I should probably write something." And after some deep  thought and careful work hasty typing, post a random something.

That is me.

Oh, you've noticed? Well, what would you like to see on my blog? Anything in particular? Come on, you can tell me. I don't bite. :)

Basically, I've been pretty busy with life in general the last few months and I put blogging on the back burner. And yeah, I'm still pretty busy with life in general, but I want to bring a little interest back to my corner of cyber space.

I'm thinking of doing a 'song of the week' thing. I don't know if anybody really wants to know what music or lyrics are making me happy, but music and lyrics do make me happy. Plus it's something I can do without too much work and it will help me to do at least a post a week.
I'm aiming for a solid two posts a week here. *Snorts delicately*

So, if there's anything you'd like to see here let me know. Photography, music, baking, book reviews...
We don't want all my genius to go to waste over here, do we? *Grin*

Well, with all that heartfelt stuff off my chest, I'm going to proceed with a few things I've been up to lately.

1.) I did a great, brave thing and signed up for a 'Beginning Recording' class at my local community college. I've been interested in audio recording for a while and this is the first time I've seen the college offer a class on it. So on a wave of "New Year, New Goals" ambition, I registered. I'm two classes in and I'm both glad I'm taking it because I clearly know nothing about recording, and terrified because I clearly know nothing about recording.
I was thinking more soundboards, mixers and mics and less hertz, decibels and frequencies. But I suppose one needs to know those things to use mixers and mics.

2.) I got season 7 of Psych for Christmas and enjoyed it muchly. Yes, after all the waiting and waiting and waiting, I proceeded to watch the entire season in about two and a half weeks. *Smiles sheepishly* I've been sick with the world's nasty cold and watching Psych made me feel better.
The first half of the season isn't as clean as the other seasons have been. Nothing horrible, more just conversations that I didn't like and a couple awkward things. But the second half was much better and I loved it. Shawn and Gus never fail to make me laugh.

3.) I haven't made any New Years resolutions as of yet. Ever since New Years, I've been sick and tired and not feeling very resolution-y. But today I'm almost myself again and I think I might sit myself down, mull things over with myself, give myself a few pep-talks and write down some things I'd like to accomplish this year. I don't want to waste a perfectly good year like Harry. Besides, I really like resolutions. And lists. And the word 'myself,' Apparently.

4.) I am very impatiently counting down the days to Sherlock Season 3. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! Nothing but caps lock can get across the shear magnitude of my excitement. SO EXCITED! I am sort of planning on doing a Sherlock-themed something for that day. Sherlock food. And tea, obviously. Apples with IOU carved into them? *Snicker* Fish fingers custard--oh wait. Wrong show.
Perhaps I shall just throw a High Tea and have all sorts of British finger food.
 Any way you look at it, the Premiere is a big deal and should be duly honored. All in favor say "Aye"!

Tally-ho. Now that I've got this post all done I can relax and go do other things. Like study about hertz and frequencies. Yay. 

God Bless!


  1. I love your blog!! I like to hear all about what you do, the music you like, the movies you like, all the good and happy things of your life!! Do you have any hobbies, likes, dislikes ect. I love to hear about all of it and frequently read your blog!! Its so cheerful and uplifting!! I can't wait for Sherlock season 3 as well!!
    Take care of yourself and keep blogging!!!
    God bless you and Mary keep you always!!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Lucy. :) That's so sweet.

      I know! This last week to Sherlock seems to be taking the longest to me. I am so thrilled about it!

      Thank you for your comment. It made me smile. :)

  2. Having baking days would be fun - Posting food and recipes and stuff. I miss Saturday style ..... :) and your blog is one of my favorites! It always makes me so happy and its so good and I finish reading and I'm all like....

    I have a terrible blog!! :( Amy's is so much better!

    I love everything about this blog. Even your random "hello... not sure what I'm doing here.... godbye" moments. So keep going! You are Loved!!!

    SHERLOOOOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as with you, I can not write in letter big enough my excitement for the new series. we should do a Sherlock day on our blogs!! *gasp* that would be so much fun!! Oh oh oh!!!!!. you in?

    Sherlock lives!

    1. Ah yes. Saturday Style. I should get that ball rolling again. Hmmm.
      Thanks, Bella. I'm glad you like my blog. It's nice to know. :)

      Watsoooooon! Sherloooooock!!
      We will have to celebrate the premiere together.


  3. I love your blog! I like the randomness, your music and movies. It always makes me smile. Keep it up!

  4. Hello, Michelle! :) Thank you so much for your comment. It's so nice to know people actually like what I do around here. I sometimes wonder.