Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Captured Moments

One of my favorite ways to spend my free time is to head out to some wild bit of land and take pictures. It's especially wonderful in the summer when I can lug a good book, a snack and a blanket with me and just spread out to read in the sun.

The winter is a little trickier because of the cold and the wet. And it's a little harder to talk any of my sisters into going out with me to take pictures. Perhaps it's because of the cold and wet. *Shrugs* Silly, isn't it?

Sunday was the perfect sort of day to take pictures. So I convinced my little sister that she really wanted to hang out in the cold with me.

It was a little harder to convince her that she should take off her coat for the pictures. It was pretty chilly out here! She was a great sport, though, and we had a lot of fun. I love nature!

This was Christina's first time acting as my photographer. She's took some fun ones. (She also took quite a few duds that we both had a good laugh over. And then I deleted them.)

I love this picture. I have a fascination for reflections and I like to see what sort of pictures I can get when I playing in puddles. *Nods* Puddles are always good fun!

Monday morning two of my other sisters and I went out to a little coffee shop and got coffee's and lemon poppy seed bread. Then we went down to the lake and watched the waves roll in and out for a while. I love doing little things like that. It's so peaceful and cozy.

My wonderful librarian sister found this book for me, and I've been really enjoying it. 

I've tried coming up with a perfect ending for this post a couple of times now and it's just not going to happen.

So basically just, "Bye!"

God Bless!!


  1. hey, Tiny took some nice pictures! I like the one where your smelling the rose, you look really pretty in that shot. OOOOOh that puddle picture is so cool!!!

    Why didn't I get coffee? why did I miss out?? and why didn't you bring tiny after she hung out in the cold with you?

    1. Hello, Bella.
      I'm glad you like the pictures. Yeah, I thought the one with the rose was pretty nice myself. :)

      You missed out because you were off at Joey's house with Treskie. Tiny missed out because this was the next day, Kit had spent the night with us and we wanted coffee. And Tiny just wasn't there :) It was fun.
      Perhaps we'll do it again sometime...

  2. Those are purty. Tiny was a good sport. I'd have been like, "Nope. There ain't no WAY I'm taking off my coat, sugar blossom!"

    I'm happy you enjoyed George Washington's Secret Six. You ogle at it quite invitingly... or is that frighteningly? ;-)

    1. lol. Which is why I didn't ask you, sugar pumpkin. :) It was pretty freakin' cold out there, though. I couldn't feel my fingers for a good half and hour once we got back.

      I loved Washington's Secret Six. I'm ogling convincingly. *Nods* Do not be afraid. Read it!