Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Song of the week

Hello all.

I have COME!


What now?

Okay, fine. I'm trying to organize my thoughts into some semblance of order. And failing.

Movies, blog stuff, music stuff, cooking stuff...Where to start?

I'm going to use the good ol' numbering system. See how things go from there.

1.) I have become sucked into the world of Agent Carter over this last week.

I regret nothing!
Honestly, I had my reservations about the show. I mean, Peggy is the cutest person ever. She and Steve were perfect.

I was worried that they'd ruin her. I was afraid she'd turn into a "I don't need no man." sort of person. I was afraid the show would be way over the top.

But...It's NOT!

It's gloriously post WWII,

You get a lovely mix of espionage, character development, and fights. Really good fights!*Cheers*
Red fingernails, the cutest clothes ever, awesome script, awesome acting...and to top it all off, fedoras! (See what I did there?)

Jarvis. I had no idea I would love him! His little face! His adorableness! *Dies*

*Ahem* It's (so far) a delightful show. I am enjoying it hugely. Thank you Marvel.  You are so very good to your fans! You deserve a medal for all your good work. (Joss Weden, please be kind! No killing of my favorite people, okay? Leave Jarvis alone!)

2.) After all the fabulous 1950's fashion, I had to paint my nails red. It was an absolute necessity.
It lasted the grand total of one day. *Le sigh*
If any of you have tips on how to get fingernail polish not to chip, I'd be all ears! 

3.) I have recently started watching Kitchen Nightmares.

It was a whim one evening. I didn't realize it would be an addicting type of show. I really like Gordan Ramsey. He's a very sweet fellow, once you get passed the swearing. (There's quite a lot of swearing. Enough that I wouldn't actually recommend it to anyone. So...view with your own discretion. You've been warned!:) 

Anyway, with all the cooking and whatnot I was in a mood, So today, being my day off, I spent a goodly portion of it in the kitchen. It was a blast!

I made a lovely Italian dish...A chicken ragu with gnocchi, to be exact. I needed to make gnocchi. I just watched Unbroken a few days ago (Unbelievable! It was an amazing movie!) and there is a fair amount of talk about gnocchi. It preyed on my mind. So I made some! And it turned out so nicely! There's nothing quite like the feeling of having your meal turn out the way you wanted it to! 

I'm not proud or anything, just...
It was pretty fab.

And since I love being in the kitchen, I made Biscotti for later on this evening.
Italians have the best food, you guys. :)

4.) My blog needs a new name, I think. I started this place back in...2011!? Gosh. 
Anyway, I feel like the name isn't really me anymore. Or it is, but not the way it comes off. Does that make sense? 
I don't think it fits the blog. 
So! I'm going to toss out a few new titles and see which one you guys like best. And please feel free to suggest some new titles as well. I love feedback!

Idea number one: Beneath the Surface. 
Just cause it sounds cool. 

Number two: Music, Magic and Mice
It's catchy?

Number three: Sing as if no one is listening.
Sort of pretty, right?

Number four: Raindrops keep falling on my head.
That is sort of a 'me' song.

This is hard. No wonder I haven't changed it yet! Golly dang! What is my blog type?

Ah, got it!

Number five. Hit and miss.
That describes pretty much every hobby and endeavor in my life! Including my posting! Hahaha.

Tell me which one you like, or suggest a new one! DO IT!


Now for a song, shall we? Just so I don't have to think up a different title for this post. *Grin*

I'm too tired and in too much of a hurry to post the lyrics. But this is a really awesome song, so you should take a moment and listen, okay?

That's all for now, peoples!

God Bless,


  1. Watching the cooking channel is a dangerous pastime in our house. It means the boys do cooking challenges and then "judge" their food in British accents. "The presentation is HORRIBLE!" And it makes me hungry and so I go cook but I am not as good a cook as you so my stuff does not end up with pictures of it. ;-)

    I like Beneath the Surface. It sounds cool. I also like Hit or Miss. I'm feeling uncreative so I shall not give you a new idea, but those two sound fab.

    And now I want gnocchi.

  2. Also, I just saw your response to my comment on the last post (terrible, terrible I am) and yusss I write music sometimes. I'm not terribly good at it, but I enjoy it (when I'm not frustrated with it XD).

    1. Sorry! I've been rubbish with commenting!
      Cooking shows are fabulous! British accents are also fabulous. It's a win win. *Grin*

      That's so cool that you compose music! ....If you ever feel brave, I'd love to hear it! :)


  3. I like both number 1 and 5!! But I also like the name of your blog as is!!

    1. Thanks! I'm still mulling it over myself. Change is hard for me. *Snicker*