Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My youtube channel- You'll See

Hello everyone!

So here is the long anticipated news; I have a youtube channel!

I'm going to give you a moment to soak that in.

I need a moment to soak that in.

I have been wanting to start a youtube channel for quite a while. Just to post some cover songs and play around with music recording stuff.

But being me, I procrastinate, I get worried, I fuss, I get busy, I get scared, and I basically just don't do things.

Then New Years rolled around and I thought, "This year I will start posting cover songs!"

And then I hit the last week of January and thought, "I should post a new song every month. That's a good goal."

I'm either long in planning and slow with results, or I jump in with both feet and no planning whatsoever.
I was at the point where if I didn't just get over all the jitters and the constant feeling that the quality of the video/audio wasn't good enough, I would never do it.

So the last week of January I decided, "What the heck? I'll do it. Why not"

Let me just say, I did have this video recorded and filmed before February hit, but as I can't do my own video editing I had to wait a bit for one of my sisters to put the video together, (Thank you, Bella!) and then there was the whole Valentine's thing, which doesn't sound like much, but I'm telling you, it's hug in the floral business and I had no time at all to fiddle with things like youtube channels and such.

And here we are, midway through February.

So, I shall post a song every month from this point on and leave January as a bit of a dud in that regard.

I guess that's enough hemming and hawing.

I'm really nervous about this, you guys!

Still, here goes nothing.

I hope you enjoy this and I am interested in any feedback you want to give me. Really. Feedback is awesome.

Now I think I shall go hide in a hole until my heart rate slows back down to normal.

God Bless!


  1. AMY! I've been internetless for quite a while but I am BACK and it's lovely to see your blog again! How are you/any news/things I've missed?

    That song is actually incredible. You have a beautiful voice. I'd never heard the song before but it was very powerful! I don't have a Youtube account but I'll be looking forward to future covers nonetheless; will you be posting them on here too?

    My news: url has changed, and I am now at sparrowsflysouth.blogspot.co.uk :D

    Bye for now and God bless,
    Emily x

    PS I see that my blog is on your sidebar, thank you thank you thank you x 1 million! <3

    1. Hi there, Emily!
      Thank you so much! I'm excited to be doing this, but it is a bit scary. :)
      I need to go check out your new blog!


    *confetti and party blowers*


    YOUR VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Wow. I need to think of a great request and then I shall tell you, but you should know that you have an amazing voice, and you are also totally beautiful! I'm jelly. I can't wait for more covers! Anddddd hopefully some originals???? Holding out hope for that. :-D

    1. *Screams and squeals and dances in floating confetti* Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!
      You are so sweet and I feel so happy now. :)
      Yeah, request away. I'd love to do that. ....If I know the song. Or if I can learn and sing the song.
      Originals are a hopeful maybe. ;) I don't play either piano or guitar so composing is a little tricky. At least the backup track is hard to figure out.
      But yeah, I hope to do originals at some point.

      Thank you so much for the comment!


    2. Well if you ever need a cello or violin..... I have no idea how to collab online but I totally would if I could figure it out. XD I have the wonderful blessing of having a sister who plays guitar and a brother who plays guitar and piano and another brother who plays bass. XD And that's good because I only know like four chords on the piano. Four very clumsy ones. XD But I am jealous of your recording equipment! Where did you get it?

  3. Amy!!! I want a CD!!!! Gina

  4. I think you have a lovely voice, you sing beautifully! I don't think you need all the different camera angles though...it takes away from what you are doing, in my opinion. I'd rather just have the camera in one spot where you are visible up close singing the entire time. But you sing lovely...keep it up!