Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheer up.

What to do if you are in a 'ho-hum' mood in three easy steps. (Okay, maybe four.)
1.)You'll want to get whatever work/chore that you have done. And quickly. You'll enjoy yourself more if it's done. Promise.
2.) Get a cup of tea or coffee and a yummy treat ready on a pretty little tray. (Find a quiet place.)
3.) Turn on your favorite music. (Josh Groban. It's a toss up between his "Awake" or his "Illuminations" albums.)
4.) Grab a book. (I recommend "Lark." by Sally Watson. Awesome book.:-)

You'll be amazed how happy you'll feel in no time whatsoever!

God Bless!


  1. Oi! How did you know that it is my day off and that I am spending it assiduously *not* following the advice in point #1!? Busted!

  2. I should have made #1 optional. :-)

  3. Oh Panda, you haz a reward! Come and fetch.

  4. No it isn't. FOLLOW THE STEPS! :-)

  5. *I* follow the steps. I even usually clean first, because otherwise I sit with my happy cup of tea and brood on the spiderwebs which I can never seem to entirely banish, or the state of the floor, which needs to be swept, and I am *not* cheered. My only recommendation would be to turn on the favourite music while you are doing step one., rather than waiting for step two. It makes it easier.

  6. Er...I'm sorry, Mahri. You are a tough case. Perhaps it's time to move from tea to something a little stronger. :-)