Sunday, August 7, 2011

Victorian Updo-for short hair.

Here is a really pretty updo for those of you that have short-ish hair. It's pretty easy to do...hopefully my instructions don't get confusing! :-)
Start off with your hair in a ponytail. Easy enough, right? If you use a nice, fluffy scrunchy that will help add some volume to this sytle.

Now you are going to do a topsy-turvey. I.E. You are going to stick your fingers up through the bottom of the thus...

and grasp the hair between those fingers and pull it down...thus.

Now you are going to gather up the little ponytail and pin it up so it covers the bottom of the scrunchy and forms a bun...sort of. :-) Pin the pony up with whatever works for you. I usually use a little claw but if you have really thick hair you may consider using hair pins...a big claw would be a bit noticeable.

Twirling the remaining hair into a bun and position it on top of the ponytail hole. (When you are actually doing this style, that will make perfect sense, promise!) Pin everything down so it feels secure and add a pretty something to dress up the look. Ta-da!
Go try it out! I have a really hard time doing this style on my hair, because my hair is so long but it should work for quite a few hair lengths . (I'm sorry...the picture quality is not as good as I would like. The lighting is pretty bad.)
I'll be back with another post quite soon. 
God Bless

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