Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Joyous Day!

So, For the First Time Ever
I made a purchase from Craigslist.
Which just so happens to be a Yamaha Flute!
And that is another 'first timer' for me. A Yamaha flute!
Flor those of you that don't know, Yamaha makes really wonderful, quality instruments and even their beginning student flutes are very pricey. I got a intermediate level, open holed flute for $175! I am beyond happy. It's such a wonderful instrument and it has beautiful tone. Really beautiful. My old flute was...well, old. At least 25 years old, and that's being kind. :-) My new flute is so  much easier to play. *Happy sigh.* And if you're wondering, 'what is an open holed flute?' well, it's exactly what it sounds like! LOL. It just means that a few of the keys, instead of being completely solid, have a whole in the top. It actually improves the sound but it does make fingering a little more challenging. I just have to make sure I cover the hole. :-) Here's a picture showing a open holed flute next to a normal, student flute.

My flute is in the shop now, being cleaned and all that good stuff. I miss it! I want to show it to after I get it back when it's all shinny...but I did snap a picture before I parted with it so that you can get an idea of it's wonderfulness. :-) I had a really hard time getting a good picture.
I am so happy with this purchase! Everything just fell into place for me. I have been really wanting a new flute for quite a while now, but I was hesitant about making the buy. I always get nervous with 'big' purchases. But my brother told me to look on ebay and craigslist to see what they had. And craigslist had this wonderful flute! It had gone from $300 (which is still very good for a yamaha) to $200. I e-mail her and she dropped it to $175! So we met up and yes, I did test it out before I bought it. :-) It's in excellent condition. I was careful to inspect it. But it is pretty hard to go wrong with a yamaha. A special thanks to my brother for giving my the push I needed to buy it and for helping me with the 'negotiations.' And for driving my a good hour and a half drive away just to 'see' if I wanted it! Thank you. :-)

Well, ta-ta, People! I hope you all have a wonderful day. And tomorrow is Sunday! Here meaning a brief respite from Lent. :-)
God Bless! Cheers!

Oh, and no blog post is really finished for me till I post a song for you all to enjoy. You know that by now, surely. :-) I'm not a huge fan of Celine Dion or Barbara Streisand, but this song is really lovely.


  1. Congrats on the flute! And open-holed, no less!!! Good stuff.

  2. Fun fun, Panda. I can't wait to see it. :)

  3. Yes, open-holed! It's awesome.
    Thanks for commenting. :-)

  4. Congratulations on the new flute! I've never tried Craigslist, but I've had lots of good buying AND selling experiences with ebay.

    Happy playing!

  5. Panda, I have tagged you for the Lucky 7 Meme. You LOVE being tagged, right?


    Seriously, this one's fun. :)