Monday, May 21, 2012

The Corries

After immersing myself in primarily Scottish music this week and watching and rewatching the 'Brave' trailers,("Brave is going to be epic! I can tell already.:-) I've starting slipping into an accent. I can't say that it's a Scottish accent. That would do the Scotts a grave injustice. But it is an accent of some sort. And I use words like "Ach!" and "wee" and "aboot" instead of 'about." It's grand fun, even if it is completely involuntary. The Scott's have arguable the best accent on the planet. And there are times where I wish I were a Scott. Or at the very least, I could marry a Scott. A Scott that would like to settle in the good ol' USA! :-) But back to reality.
Here are a few of my favorite Corries songs.

How can you not love this one?

Rise Rise!

This one is mainly for the rousing little speech before the song, though the song's great too.

There are loads of songs by these fellow that I'd love to post, but really. That would be quite impractical. If you like them, just go and get one of their CD's. Ya wouldna regret it!
God Bless!


  1. You also should have posted the "Curries" just because they're funny. lol!

  2. Ha, I can see we've been thinking of the same things lately. :-P Scottish accents are the best, period. If you ever find that Scot living in the USA, send his brother my way. :-P

  3. I'll do my best! Lol. Thanks for commenting. :-)