Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Irish/Scottish music- part 1

I've been listening to a bunch of traditional Irish and Scottish music lately. I used to listen to that kind of music all the time but I've sort of drifted away from it, mainly because all the really good Irish/Scottish songs are sung by men and I couldn't sing along as much as I would like. Well, that's not exactly true. I can usually sing along with them, just...they are meant for men and not for women. And for a girl that loves to sing and wants to sing classical music, it wasn't quite what I wanted.
Still, I would have to say that traditional (note the 'traditional--it's very important.) Irish/Scottish music is one of my favorite genre's. Groups like, "The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem,' 'The Corries,' and 'The Silly Wizard' are just brilliant and never fail to bring out the inner Irish/Scott in me. Of course, it helps if you know a spattering of the history behind the music. That makes it so much more alive. :-)
So saying, I've decided to start a little Irish/Scottish music spree right here. This gives me fuel for a few posts, and hopefully introduces you to some new stuff. Starting with the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. Ah, that was a group!
This clip is a good sample of their music.

This is one of the prettiest love songs...

Unfortunately, this one is sort of bad quality, but it's so fun to watch them sing it, I want to post it anyway.

Sad song. But so beautiful.

To end on a fun note.

Hope you enjoyed at least one of those songs!
God Bless


  1. Who is The Silly Wizard, and why haven't I heard of... it?

  2. Treskie, you HAVEN'T HEARD OF SILLY WIZARD?! Oh my goodness, girl! You need to get out more. :)