Thursday, May 3, 2012

So, so, random...

So, I have to post something, because time is slipping by and I haven't up-dated in a long time...
I will not be held responsible for the weirdness that comes through in this post, though! I am in a 'visual' mood. So...

First, I finally watched "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" and I loved it. Mainly because of this guy.
He is awesome.
And it just so happens he's going to be the main character in the up-coming, "Bourne Legacy." Need I say more?

 This guy was the comic relief.

And he was pretty cool too.

It's a really fun movie and other than a rather skimpy dress at a party, it was clean. (As far as I can remember. )
 Here's a funny clip from the movie.

I have been reading a lot lately. A LOT. I was loaned a bunch of books by the amazing author, Georgette Heyer, (I wasn't loaned books by Georgette Heyer...A friend loaned me books written by Georgette Heyer. Just wanted to be clear on that. :-) I have been reading one lovely story after another. I've read, "These Old Shades," "Regency Buck," "Powder and Patch," "The Talisman Ring" and I've just started one called, "Sylvester." So far my favorite has's a toss-up between "Recency Buck" and "Talisman Ring." It's actually useful reading for me, since these are all period drama/romance/adventure books, I'm getting some good pointers on how to make tough male characters, how to make the whole conversation thing 'period' and how to slowly reveal the whole story and not try to crowd all that I want to say about my characters into their opening scenes. LOL. So, see? I'm really not waisting time.

And to finish up this very random post, I am in the mood for:

 If you have never been fortunate enough to go to a yogurt bar, do yourself a favourite,and treat yourself. At least once. They are so yummy! You get to choose the different yogurt/ice creams you want, and then you can dress it up with fruits (yes, fruit is amazing on it! I never would have thought it!) and nuts and chocolates and cookie bits and brownie bits and candy bits and, and, and...HEART ATTACK! :-) 
What I like to do, is put fruit on half and the chocolaty stuff on the other half. (And for the record, mine is never as big as that picture. You are charged by weight. lol.)

I wish I owned:
This hat.

Ever since I watched North and South, I've been keeping my eyes open for a hat like this one. It's boarder-line impossible. The reason being, it sits basically right on top of your head, (I think I'd have to buy a hair pin to keep it one. Which is no problem for me, by the way.) and in this degenerate age we are living in, they don't make hats that still need hat pins. That make over sized, floppy straw hats. What I love so much about this hat, is you can still wear your hair up in a vary large bun and still put the hat on! See?

That, my dear readers, is the hat for me! (Listen to me! "Dear readers..." I told you I've been reading-and watching- a lot of period drama!) If I am able to find a hat like this one, I will post it...and share where I bought it from, just in case one of you wants one too. If you actually watch North and South, I think you will. Oh yes! And I promise to work on my N. and S. hair tutorial and post it soon-ish.

And my last bit of randomness. I am hoping to watch;
The Midnight Showing of...

 (The fellow with the bow and arrow? That's the same fellow as on 'Mission Impossible.' *Grins*)

I hope this post was fun and interesting for you all. I told you it would be random! But it was fun random, right?
 God Bless!


    and of course Mission Impossible.
    But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the avengers. I might go to the midnight showing too

    **Isabella DeLallo**

  2. Heheh, I'm fairly sure that picture of the Bourne Legacy was... photo-shopped, but hey.

    It was a very fun post, Panda.

  3. *Goes back another look at the picture...* Dang! I believe you're right!

  4. LOVED the Avengers! "Hero Worship" and all that. **faints** Can you mildly crush on four different guys? LOL

    Yummy, yummy Orange Leaf.