Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tangled hair...

Alright. Finally, a hair tutorial. I may one day do an actual 'Rapunzel" hair tutorial. I bet, if I put my mind to it, I can come up with a similar braid to the one that she has in Tangled. But for now I am going to do Rapunzel's Mother's hair style. I did try to find a good picture of the style, but it'd pretty darn near impossible to find a clear shot of it. It's this one.
Yeah. That's the one, alright. :-)
It's a little clearer here.
If you want to see it really clearly, turn on the movie and skip to the 'reunion' scene near the end. You get a couple really nice shots of it. As near as I can tell, this is how to recreate that look.
Part your hair on the side and pull two front sections forward.
Take each side and tie a knot in it. You want these knots to be off to the sides of the middle of the back of your head. Got that? LOL.
And pin in place.

Sorry for the bad picture quality here.
Tie and pin the other side.

After that, you are going to take the leftover hair sticking out from your knots and twist them into a little bun for the center.

I hope you can see that. It's hard taking pictures of yourself! What you should have are two little knots on either side of a little bun. I actually needed to pull my knots a little tighter.)
Me trying to show you from the side...I don't think I quite succeeded. :-)
After I got it up, I went ahead and stuck in a bunch of hair pretties.

And from the front.

I hope you were able to sort of follow that along. If you have short hair and you want to do this, I suggest doing the knots on the side's like normal but instead of twisting the leftover bits, (because if your hair is short you probably wont have very much leftover:-) pull up a little hair from the middle and roll that into a bun, tucking any sticking out 'lefteovers' under it.

I did make the hair pretties that I'm wearing in these pictures. I will do a separate tutorial for the flowers, because they are a little time consuming, but the pearl ones are super easy.

The hair pins I get always come in two rubber banded bunches-one bunch being thicker, stronger hair pins the other being small, skinny hair pins. I never ever use the skinny ones.

 They do nothing in the way of hold up my hair. I used to just throw them out because they would inevitable get mixed up with my good ones and were just a bother. Now, I use them for some of my hair pretty projects.

All you need are some hair pins and some beads of your choice. Bend the pin open-ish.
Slide the bead on,

And bend back into shape. Way-hey! Ta-da.

I made a set of eight.

See? Super easy...and super pretty, I think.
There you are! I hope you enjoyed that. I am sorry that the pictures are pretty blah. Let me know if you try this...and attach a link of how it turned out on you! That would be fun. :-)
God Bless!


  1. Panda, I see NOTHING except the Tangled pictures. ???

    FI-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IX it, Panda!!! :)

  2. Arghhhh! I don't know why that is. It looked great when I published it. I'll look into it tomorrow.

  3. nice post would be nice to see the pics though. :)

  4. Thank you. I'm so relieved that I could fix it!

  5. Great tutorial! Beautiful hair too! :)