Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunshine award.

Hello, everyone and Happy Easter! I hope you all had a lovely day. I definitely did.
Katrina at world crafter has given me a blog award. Awww, thank you, Kit! I do appreciate it. :-)
And the rules are as follows:
1.) Thank the person that nominated you. (Thank you Katrina!)
2.)Answer 10 questions about yourself. (Here we go again. *sigh.* LOL)
3.)Write a post about it. (?...does this count as writing a post about it?)
4.) Pass it along to 10 other people. (Um...yeah.That might not work out. :-)

Any-hoosle. Here we go. The questions! (Buckle up.)

1.) Favorite color.  I love the color yellow. It's such a warm, happy color. However, if we are talking favorite color to wear, it would have to be this.

2.) Favorite animal. Dogs! Absolutely. They are 'man's best friend,' doncha know. I want a dog like this one.

3.) Favorite number. Hummm. Veeery interesting. I'll go with...24.

4.) Favorite drink. That's really a hard one for me. I love coffee.
 And tea.
 Probably coffee. though.

5.)Facebook or Twitter. Neither, actually. I am not 'conected.' At all. :-)
6.) My passion. Right, well. I have lots of hobbies. But I think the only thing that I am passionate about is singing. Music. I love that. Nothing inspires me like music, and nothing makes me happier than when I manage to sing something well. Definitely music.

7.)Getting or giving? I like to give. (Not to 'goodie-two-shoes' myself.) I really enjoy and get excited about giving things to people. But I love to get something, too. It's fun.

8.) Favorite pattern. I like polka-dots! (Right now...tomorrow I may be in my plaid mood. LOL)

9.) Favorite day of the week. That is currently...Sunday, I guess. My whole week is pretty great most of the time. But Sundays are fun. I get to visit my cousins and relax, so yeah.
10) Favorite flower. Yellow roses.

Okay. Now I'm suppose to nominate 10 other blogs. But, as usual, the blogs I follow are also followed by my sisters and they have nominated them already! But, hey, I have 11 followers, I nominate you all! :-)

That's all for now. Except, here's a song that I am trying very hard to learn. It's so pretty...

God Bless!

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  1. One day I will sound like that when I sing....