Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet the nails and sweet the wood...

       "How much do you love the world, Oh God?" He answered,
       "This Much."

"Sing my tongue, the Saviour's glory;
Tell His triumph far and wide;
Tell aloud the famous story
Of His Body crucified'
How upon the cross a Victim,
Vanquishing in death, He died.
Faithful Cross...

Eathing of the tree forbidden,
Man had sunk in Satan's snare,
When his pitying Creator
Did this second tree prepare,
Destined, many ages later,
That first evil to repair.
Sweet the nails...

Such the order God appointed
When for sin He would atone;
To the serpent thus opposing
Schemes yet deeper than his own:
Thence the remedy procuring
Whence the fatal wound had come.
Faithful Cross...

So when now at length the fulness
Of the sacred time drew nigh,
Then the Son who moulded all things
Left His Father's throne on high.
From a Virgin's Womb appearing,
Clothed in our mortality.
Sweet the Nails...

All within a lowly manger,
Lo, a tender babe He lies!
See His gentle Virgin mother
Lull to sleep His infant cries;
While the limbs of God Incarnate
Round with swathing bands she ties.
Faithful Cross...

Thus did Christ to perfect manhood
In our mortal flesh attain:
Then of His free choice He goeth
To a death of bitter pain;
And as a lamb, upon the alter
Of the Cross for us is slain.
Sweet the Nails...

Lo, with gall His thirst He quenches:
See the thorns upon His brows,
Nails His tender flesh are rending:
See His side is open now,
Whence to cleanse the whole creation
Streams of blood and water flow.
Faithful Cross...

Lofty Tree, bend down thy branches
To embrace thy sacred loas;
Oh, relax the native tension
Of that all too rigid wood:
Gently, gently bear the members
Of thy dying King and God.
Sweet the Nails..

Tree which soley wast found worthy
Earth's great victim to sustain
Harbour from the raging tempest,
Ark, that saved the world again,
Tree with sacred blood anointed
Of the Lamb for sinners slain.
Faithful cross...

Honour, blessing everlasting
To the immortal Deity:
To the Father, Son and Spirit,
Equal praises ever be:
Glory through the earth and Heaven
To the Trinity in Unity.
Sweet the Nails"

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  1. That's really pretty, Panda. Gorgeous poem

    I have awarded you the Sunshine Award. You know the drill. :)