Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have been having a 'bbc period movies' spree! I watched "Little Dorrit" and really like it and "Wives and Daughters" and really liked it and now I'm watching "North and South." I. LOVE. IT! So far...I haven't finished it yet. But I will probably have it done by tonight. LOL. I've never seen Richard Armitage in anything before this,(except for the very brief part he played in Captain America) but he is a really good actor and he does a brilliant job with his roll. I likes him...quite a lot. :-) It's pretty much impossible not to.


And I really like the girl character in this one. I sometimes get a little bit tired of the girls in these shows. But Margaret is a really neat girl.
 She's brave and she's kind without it being obvious. And she does the right thing, even when it's hard or even dangerous.
She's very pretty too. I like the way she looks. It's not 'movie star' pretty. It's much more real.

Okay. There you have it. I am going to figure out how she does her hair and do a tutorial for you all. I promise! I don't think it will be that hard to figure out actually. I just...well, to be honest, I procrastinate a tiny bit.
So let's see. Coming up, hair tutorials and hair pretty tutorials...right. Well. I will do my very best to get on that and do some. This week if I can manage it.

Thank you for reading! And in honor of my 'North and South' obsession, here's the trailer. :-) I really encourage you to find this and watch it. It is really good and far less 'frilly' than a lot of theses period shows tend to be.

God Bless!


  1. Is he the guy in Captain America, who bites the poison tablet at the very beginning?

    He's way cuter in period clothing. :)

    **Goes to find it at library....**

  2. Hey! You aren't suppose to watch it till I go home!

  3. You do know that Richard Armitage is going to be in 'The Hobbit' as Thorin Oakenshield, don't you?

  4. Fine, Panda, I wait. **sniff**

    Mahri...IS HE? Ohhhhh I *knew* Thorin was a hot dwarf! LOL

  5. Panda, Richard Armitage also plays Guy of Gisbourne in that Robin Hood series.

    And yeah, he's playing Thorin Oakenshield. Gosh, where have you BEEN?!


  6. In a world without Richard Armitage! Sad, isn't it? Lol. But I did know that he's in the Hobbit. Can't wait!