Sunday, May 19, 2013

The great outdoors

Number one thing I love about warm weather--I can go hiking again, People! It's the best! I am very blessed to live in an area that has some of the most beautiful hiking grounds ever. (Beware, this post is inundated with pictures. *Smirk*)

I mean, Just look at how gorgeous it is.

There are lakes and streams and waterfalls all tangled together in the mountains. Mid-spring is the perfect time to hike around here if you want to see the falls at their best. The snow is still melting and the run-off is incredibly strong.

The air is crisp and fresh--the smell you can only get with pine trees and fresh water.

How lovely is that?

There is nothing quite so restful as being out among the beauty that only God could create. He definitely knew what He was doing! :)

I am slightly frustrated with the quality of the pictures. I mean, for taking these on a cell phone, they're pretty good, but they are not as crisp as I'd like them to be. I'm trying to decide if I should get myself a digital camera. Any of you have some suggestions for a fairly good, reasonably priced camera? 

What are some of your favorite spring/summer activities? Have any of you had a chance to go hiking yet this year? 

God Bless!


  1. Those are great pics Amy! I will definitely have to go up there with the lot of you before the weather gets too warm and the idea of a hike has the same appeal to me as a day as a day in the Bad Place :-D

  2. My, what a lovely part of the country you live in! Hiking is definitely a favorite warm weather past time of mine. Something about the peacefulness of God's beautiful creation always calms me down like nothing else can. I just love nature! :)

  3. Beautiful! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. :D

    I have a digital camera but hardly use. My brother got it for me from Walmart online.

  4. That is such a lovely place to go hiking!!! Now I want to go hiking, but I'm stuck inside because it is cold and rainy outside. BUT that means it is a good day to huddle in my room and read The Thief.

    Good for you for waiting for season seven on Psych, I wouldn't have the patience. I shall make sure not to shre spoilers with you, but when you watch it we must geek out.

  5. Man, that's gorgeous! As far as cameras go, I say get one. They're kinda addictive. All I know about camera-shopping is that if you're getting a camera for the sake of crisper pictures, you'll probably be happier in the long run with a camera with optical zoom than you will be with a camera with digital zoom. So there.

  6. Thanks, Marhi. Yeah, you really should come! It's the perfect weather right now. ;)

    I know, Elizabeth, I am very lucky to live in such a pretty place. I'm a little spoiled with it, actually. :) Nature is the best!

    Thanks, Hilda.

    Aww, Jack! You're still getting rain? That's sad. We don't get much rain here, so things don't stay green as and downs of high desert, I guess. :)
    But enjoy reading! That's the perfect way to spend rainy days.
    And yes! I will totally geek out when I watch Psych, have no fear on that note!

    Hey, Molly! I am really seriously considering getting a camera...It would make my blogging life so much easier. lol. And yeah, taking photos can become rather addictive. It can be embarrassing how many pictures I snap of almost the same thing. *Grin*

  7. Look how much fun we were having!!

  8. You are very welcome, Amy. :D