Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random things

What-ho, all you wonderful people! How's life for all of you? No mid-week 'blahs', I hope! *Grin*

Not to get all boring and talk about the weather, but the weather has been really weird here. The beginning of the week was cold, (Getting down into the 30's at night....) and rainy and very gray. The sort of weather that begs for an High Tea. Which my sister and I did in fact have.

Biscuits, strawberries...that clotted cream is a British thing. It tastes like whipped cream but is the constancy more of butter. It is delicious. And hot, milky, wonderful tea...Ah. It was very yummy. 

Today, however is hot. Which is sort of nice since it is almost July. But my poor plants have no idea hot to deal with these sudden changes!

My lettuce is dying. *Sniffs* The little patch of it that I had, all leafy and delicate, is practically gone.  This is how I feel as I watch it dwindle away.

But my peas, on the other hand, are little troopers! They're just growing away. If I'm lucky, I might actually get a pod on one of them! (Sarcasm intended.)


Is anyone else really looking forward to the 4th of July? Got any plans? I'd love to hear! Doesn't it just seem right to watch Captain America on the 4th? *fingers crossed*

Oh, heads up. Saturday Style might not happen till Sunday. I work all day Saturday and quite frankly, I doubt I'll be awesome enough to manage a 'style'. with it. lol.

Since this post is already totally random, I just feel like now's a good time to mention that I really need to get back into playing my flute! It was sort of a New Year's resolution (And you can all see how well that's going) so I figure now might be a good time to kick that whole thing into gear. My biggest problem with it? I'm just lazy. *Nods* I'm not gonna lie.

But my beautiful, wonderful flute just needs to be played and loved and cared for! I think it misses me. 

What's happening with all of you? Any plans for the weekend or things that you really need to get done? You know I"m just asking so that you'll comment. *Smirk* 
But really...

Good night and God Bless.


  1. oh my gosh, that looks sooo delicious, the biscuit. I'm not a tea person but I imagine it would also taste so good with coffee or milk. Yum! :P

    sounds like a good plan. my family and I don't have plans except we will have my uncle from North California visiting us. But I just may peek out mywindow and watch the fireworks... Until my neck starts to hurt again. LOL!

    Right now though I'm kinda nervous because later today I have an appointment to see a new Doc. I've had bad experiences before and one even made fun of me! true story! So sad how bad this world has become.

  2. Any weather is high tea weather, in my opinion. :)

    For fourth of July we are going to our friends for a bonfire with a bunch of other families. They're the family I nanny for, so this week their mother and I have been busy preparing the house and property! I've never seen Captain America, but would like to. Is it good? (actually that's a dumb question. why would you be watching it if it wasn't really really good lol)

  3. Ah, high tea. The fun, the fun. :)
    Ooh, flute! I've been practising my fingers off because I have an exam in a month. Terribly scary. I can tell from your photo you have a good flute (holes in the keypads? Always a tip-off). ;) What brand is it?

  4. They were yummy, Hilda. Too bad you can't share food in cyber-space! :D Seriously, how cool would that be?

    Wow...that sounds aweful! Doctors are really hit and miss sometimes. Hope your new one turns out to be great!

    Hi, Elizabeth.
    That sounds fun. Bonfires are always the best...
    Yeah, I totally love Captain America. Um, if you like superheros than yeah, you'll probably LOVE that movie. And even if you're not a superhero type of girl, give it a go anyway. ;) It's not like most of those sorts of movies. It takes place during WWII and Steve Rodgers/Captain America is like THE PERFECT Gentleman. I love him. I can't remember anything objectionable about it either. Other than a little bit of swearing. It might be too scary for little kids...
    Anyway, if you watch it let me know what you think!

    Hey, Mime! *Waves*
    It is a lovely flute. I got in online a while back for really cheep but it is a Yamaha open-holed flute and the sound it makes is so beautiful. It's the nicest flute ever. *Grin.* I feel a bit guilty for not playing it more often. I mean, I don't have an excuse not to!

    Thanks for the comments! :D