Thursday, July 16, 2015

Life in pictures

 Hello everyone

Have you all noticed how awesome and inspiring my blogging has been lately? No? Me neither. *Head Desk!!*

Summer, you guys. The days are longer, yes. But they are also jammed packed with...stuff.

And since I can't even think of the right words to say, I'm just going to share my life in pictures. 

But first, press play on the song and then scroll through. The atmosphere is much better that way. ;) Plus, I think this song is gorgeous!

A simple lavender and baby breath bouquet for a bride.

My workstation at work. Far tidier than it usually is. *Grin*

Coffee. Everyday. Always.

Evening at the lake with Treskie.

A different beach day. ;)

A little of this!

Crazy-huge hail! I've never seen any this big where I live.


After shooting the video for my channel

Another evening at the lake. 

Sunday afternoon outside with my guitar.

Another evening at the lake. Because it's the most peaceful thing ever.

No comment.

Blurry shot of me trying to record. *snort*

This fabulous arrangement.

Two words. Grilled Peaches... With Ice cream.

Sneaky shot of Treskie in singing class. ;)

Dandelions and a ladybug? Perfect! 


Final project for my floral class. (That's done! Thank goodness:)

Yet another evening at the lake. What can I say?

What's your summer been like so far? anything special? New? Exciting? 

Until next time, you wonderful people!

God Bless!


  1. I just discovered your blog the other day, (through a Road to Avonlea post from a few years ago) and it was awesome! THEN I discovered that your blog was actually still ACTIVE! (which almost never happens when I discover a blog I like)

    Anyway, your blog is awesome!

    ~Emma (

  2. Hello, Emma!
    I'm so happy you found your way here. Yeah, I'm still an 'active' blog, though my blogging has been pretty spotty lately... ;)
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!