Sunday, February 6, 2011

An afterthought

So, after going on about magic, I meant to attach a few links to some of my favorite magic videos...and I forgot! :-)
For those of you that love a little visual with your story, here are the links!

This one is a particular favorite of mine. The magician's name is James Galea. He's amazing...if a tiny bit strange. :-) And yes, all you people, DO the group IQ test at the beginning of this video. It's a must. Just do it.

This is a different magician. His name is Ricky Jay. Also a brilliant magician. I've watched this trick over and over again and I still have no idea how he does it. Watch!

Magic, People! You gotta love it! :-)
God Bless


  1. Gotta, huh?

    Well, maybe you don't GOTTA love it, but it's still pretty cool, even if it may drive you crazy.

    I didn't do the group IQ test, however. I figure I've done it before, so now I'm immune. Mwahahaha

  2.'ve GOTTA love magic!
    Kit, it's fine not to do the IQ test...I guess. :-)

    Teresa. Sure you passed the test! Ha!

  3. I DID pass the test....after the first few tries. lol

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