Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day.

Betcha' didn't think I was going to get a post in today, did ya! Ha!
So, this post is going to have a few different topics all combined into one. :-) Isn't that going to be fun?
I just wanted to make a special mention of Saint Valentine. It is, after all, his feast day!
Not much is known about St. Valentine. He was a very holy priest (obviously:-) and was martyred in about the year 270 under the reign of Claudius II. As I said, not very much is know about him. It's a pity, really. He helped assist the other Christians that were persecuted and martyred under Claudius.
And try as I might, I simply couldn't find a really nice picture of Saint Valentine. This one is nice...but I have seen much nicer holy cards in my time! But, I do believe Saint Valentine deserved a picture, at least.

Now, going on a different track, I drew this picture a while ago and it seemed a very valentine picture. So, I told myself sternly, I would make sure to post it on Valentine's day! And I am. :-) Even if it is rather late on Valentines day.  I have lately discovered that I really enjoy drawing mice. My sketch pad is covered in micey doodles.

And last, but not least, this is a song that I really love. (And the singer is mighty nice looking, too! LOL:-) It's a pretty, romantic-ish song, and even though the music video is a little sad, (and the girl in it is a bit...catty looking!) the song itself is just pretty. Plus, the setting of the music video is great. I love the house and the costumes used in it. :-) (I am turning over the idea of trying to do a song with every post...that would be a challenge. But all you lucky people might get to hear some pretty awesome music! We'll see.)
Anyhow.  Enjoy.
God Bless.


  1. Lovely wee post, Panda. Love that song, too. :-) CUTE mice! Can I have a picture, toooooo?

  2. cute mouse pic, Pandy. :) I DARE you to do a song for every post. *snicker* (And though I loved the song, I didn't think the singer was THAT cute! lol hehe)

  3. That singer is cute, Teresa! And I except the dare. I will try to do some sort of song for every post...they may not always be in any way connected to the post but hey!
    Thanks, Cat. You are always SOOO nice. :-) you really want a mice picture?

  4. Yeah Panda!! I think I figured it out! We shall see if this email gets sent to me or you!! haha! I want you to know that I like you site bunches! I finally watched those card trick guys and I feel..well..sort of dumb! HOW DID he do that trick without twisting his hands?
    I love all your drawing and MORE drawings and more hairstyles and more MUSIC! There I have made my contribution!! Love ya girlie! Gina
    PS ( yes, I think the guy whose sings "love changes everything is kinda cute too....but not as cute as DAN!!!)

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you figured out how to comment, Gina! :-)
    I know, I want to post more hairstyles and drawings...but those take a bit more effort and It's hard to find time sometimes. I WILL, though. Promise. :-)
    Anyhow, thanks for commenting.
    (I'm glad you liked the 'love changes everything' video. :-)

  6. Oh, and you don't need to feel dumb about those magic videos...They are tricks. :-) You aren't suppose to be able to figure out how they're done!

  7. Hey Precious,
    That mouse picture is soooo cute! :) Just thought you had to know I thought so! :) hahah. Thanks for the nice chat this morning! Ttyl,
    ME :P