Friday, February 4, 2011

Magic Anyone?

Magic, slight-of-hand, illusions, misdirection! I absolutely love it! There is nothing quite so intriguing as a well done bit of magic. What makes a trick so exciting? Why do we love getting conned?
I have a special fondness for card tricks. They are a rather 'lay-back' sort of magic. You don't need special equipment or special gadgets. You just need a simple deck of cards, ordinary playing cards, and you can do some rather amazing tricks!
I became interested in card tricks about a year ago. I was newly introduced to an old TV show 'Hogan's Heroes,' (a wonderful old show! I completely recommend it to anyone! They are fun and clean. Yay!:-) and it just so happened that one of the characters was something of a card sharp. He was so subtle and smooth with his tricks and slight-of-hand that I got a urgent desire to learn. Usually, when I get a sudden impulse like that, I am interested for a week or two then I move on...but card magic has kept my interest. I find learning card tricks very soothing! Of course, it can be jolly annoying when you are trying out a new trick on one of your little sisters and they just wait for you to make a mistake! And sometimes sabotage your trick Ooh...grrr.
I have since branched out to coin tricks as well. I am not very good with coins yet! In fact, I'm rather awful at coin magic. :-)  It's fun, though., and someday I will be truly dexterous and sneaky.
I recommend the amazing book, "The Royal Road to Card Magic" written by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue to anyone that wants to learn card tricks. It does very clear, step-by-step instructions and gets you actually doing tricks very quickly. There is a great feeling in knowing how to control a deck of cards!
God Bless