Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Russell Watson

Here's another music review for all you wonderful readers. This CD, "Russell Watson-the Voice. The Ultimate Collection" is an older CD, released in 2007. However, I just recently bought it and I love it. Hence, I am writing a review. :-)

We got Russell Watson's first CD when it came out and I wasn't all that impressed. (Of course, I was pretty little...) There were a few songs that I liked, but overall, I wasn't sold on him. Now here I am, years later (that makes me sound so old! LOL) and I have decided I really like Russell Watson. And this CD is amazing. There are 20 tracks and I like almost every one of them. There are a few that I don't really care for but they are not terrible, or anything like that! They just aren't as good as the others on this CD.

One of my absolute favorite tracks is, "Miserere." It is beautiful. I've heard other artists do this song but this version is by far my favorite. Normally it's a duet, but Russell Watson sings both parts using different 'voices.' (Okay, that may have sounded weird. :-) Perhaps I should have said he uses different singing styles to give the two parts distinction. (?) It's just amazing.
He also performs several fun Italian 'opera' songs like, "O Sole Mio," and "Funiculi Funicula." :-)
Russell Watson has several different singing styles and on this album you get to hear a little of each.

I confess, I decided I really liked Russell Watson after I saw an interview with him. He has had a lot of health problems recently but in the interview he didn't play that up or anything. He just seemed like a really good fellow. And (this was the turning point for me:-) he was very respectful about God. It's so refreshing when a person isn't ashamed to admit they believe in God and they trust that God is going to take care of them. You see it so rarely that when it happens its like a breath of fresh air. Ahh...

Well, that about sums it up. I hope I didn't bore you all stiff.

To my dear sister, I will try and post a new hairstyle post soon. I know you really want more of those! :-) They are just the most time-comsuming to do! LOL.

God Bless.


Oh! And keeping to my little bet, here's the song for this post! I found it fitting to have it a Russell Watson song (duh!:-) and this was one of the best videos I could find. He's rather charming to watch. :-) The song is called, "Volare."

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  1. Now, HE is cute, Panda. B-)
    Don't worry about how "old" you're getting, it happens to us all. LOL!