Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my site and thanks for stopping for a look.
I have many hopes for this new year. 2011! The very beginning of a year always seems the best time to start something new and exciting. And for me, this blog is definitely new and exciting...
I have been very hesitant about doing a blog for quite some time. I am slow to make life changing decisions like this. LOL. But now that I have finally made up my mind, I am excited.

The title of my blog is "Old Fashioned Girl" as all of you that have stumbled upon my site know. :-) I found that title very fitting. I love old fashioned things. And I believe I am rather old fashioned. I love cooking and baking. Being a homemaker seems the best thing in the world to me. Not to say that I am a 'girly-girl' as I have a many interests in 'tom-boyish' activities, but I love the things of times gone by.

I am not going to make my intro a long and detailed post. I just wanted to post something before I get second thoughts and back out of my first blog adventure! I hope to make this year fun and interesting. I will start having actual 'subjects' for my posts soon. :-)
Here's to a new Year (and yes, I know it's already the 8th but hey...) and thank you for stopping by!
God Bless

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