Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Who honesty doesn't love music? I think it's impossible not to. Music is such a wonderful thing!
I have grown up listening to music just about non-stop. I love having music playing gently in the back round. It's soothing. Okay...sometimes I need silence. But most of the time I want music on.
I lean towards classical music as my favorite style but I have a rather broad repertoire of music. I enjoy country, folk, musicals, classical-crossover...I have a interest in opera but have yet to really listen to it.
   My favorite singer is probably Josh Groban. He has such amazing music:-) I love Hayley Westenra as well. She is so talented and sings some really lovely stuff. If you have never listened to either of these artists...than I am sorry for you. :-) LOL.

This is a link to one of my favorite Josh Groban songs. I listen to it when I need a little 'lift' to my day! The music video is a little strange but the music...ahh. It's beautiful! :-)

Till next time. God Bless!

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  1. Nice little post. I'm glad you're getting into this! ;-)

    Oh, and for everyone who wants to listen to the Josh Groban song, simply click on the bold THIS at the very beginning of the sentence.