Friday, January 14, 2011

Illuminations- Josh Groban

So here is my very first review. I hope to post reviews of movies, music, and books that I like. I figured doing a review of Josh Groban's most recent CD was a good place to start! :-)
Okay. I think Illuminations is a beautiful CD. It is not as dramatic as Josh's last album Awake was, but it still has some really wonderful tracks.
He does a song called "Hidden Away" that I love. It is so pretty...and touching. Sniff, sniff. (LOL) And there is another called, "the Bells of New York City" that is also amazing. (I have to admit that I am a Josh Groban fan so I think all of his stuff is great! I know there are those who would disagree:-) And, always a sucker for a great foreign language song, I really loved "Voce Existe Em Mim". It has a great beat and the melody is very full and rich.
I feel the need to point out that Josh did a lot of the composition for this album (and I know he did in the last one too, but he did even more on this one!:-) In fact, looking at the little pamphlet that comes in the CD, he wrote or co-wrote  just about every track, lyrics and melody, and did some of his own back-up. He plays piano very well. :-)
I would say that this is probably his most beautiful album. It's a bit more 'classical' than his last one, which is fine with me because I love classical-ish stuff.
If you are already a Josh Groban fan, this album is a must. It's amazing. If you have yet to be converted to the ranks, this album might do it for you. At any rate. I love this album and I hope Josh Groban keeps up the good work!
God Bless


  1. I can't figure out how to publish my post on my 'reviews' page! Grrr. When I do figure it out, I will try and re-post this in 'reviews'. Till then, thanks for reading!

  2. That's okay, Amy. Blog reviews are good, too.

    Yes, this is a bee-yootiful CD. I LOVE Josh's voice, so I think this CD is just as good as his Awake CD.