Saturday, January 22, 2011

French Braid Bun

I have tried to figure out how to use separate pages and have failed. Thus, I deleted those useless pages and I am simply going to post everything in the same spot. That means no handy categories's the best I can do! :-)
Here is a hairstyle I do a lot. I do have to mention that pretty much all the hairstyles I am going to post are for long hair. I have very long hair. If you have shorter hair, you can probably figure out how to modify some of the styles for yourself. Anyway, here we go!

You start with a basic french braid. (If you don't know how to do this, there are tons of videos on youtube that explain! :-)
Then you are going to tuck the braid under and up, pulling it through. Like this. (I'm sorry if this is all a bit complicated! This is my first time explaining how to do a hairstyle so I don't have much practice! Hopefully the pictures help!)
If your hair is long enough, there is enough hair here to do a little bun.
Then you just secure it in place with hairpins, little claw-clips or whatever else you like the best in your hair. It's pretty and elegant, but easy enough to do in just a few minutes. I use this style all the time. :-)

I am sorry if this is a way confusing post. I will try to work on my tutorial skills. :-) A thank you to my little sister for the use of her hair! It takes a lot of work to take pictures of yourself and do the style at the same time, so she generously donated her head! Thank you!
God Bless!


  1. Hmph, "Thanks for donating my head?" that's the best you can come up with? lol your welcome.

  2. else would you put it? You did donate your to speak! And I think you have cute ears. Heaven knows, your hearing is sharp! LOL.

  3. Amy--I've been meaning to tell you for months just how this post has been preying upon my mind. "It's almost long enough, I think. By next month, maybe I could wing it. . ." Then I got my hair trimmed. And how.

    P.S. Nice head, Teresa.

  4. Ooh...I'm sure there is a way you could get your hair up in this style...hum
    *Amy chews thoughtfully on a fingenail and tries invisioning how to do shorter hair in this style...chew, chew, chew.*