Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Outing

We had some gloriously warm weather this last weekend and all the trees are at their peak of beauty. So obviously we had to go out and enjoy it, right?

You bet!

 We packed a little lunch and and just spent the whole afternoon reading and exploring the woods and taking pictures.

The colors were so amazing! It was hard not to take just tree pictures. The sky was perfectly blue and the trees glowed gold and red...but mostly gold.

The camera got passed around and we all took pictures and had a really good time. 

It was like walking through Rivendell.

I think Autumn is the most beautiful season. Everything is on fire with color--the kind of color that can never be painted or captured in a picture.

And no other seasons lends itself so well to pictures.

Alright, now back to the whole challenge thing.

22.) A song you listen to when you're sad.

When I'm sad, I like to listen to sad music. Sad music makes me feel better. *Grin* "It's happy for deep people."

I settled for Jackie Evancho's Lovers. The lyrics sort of fit all the autumn pictures. Bonus!

There was a field in my old town
Where we always played hand in hand
The wind was gently touching the grass
We were so young, so fearless

I really enjoy Jackie Evancho's music. I think she's adorable and I think she's got an amazing voice. I don't like every song she sings, but over all, she's pretty awesome. This song is my absolute favorite that she sings. 

Time has passed
So much has changed
But the field remains in my heart
Oh, where are you?
I need to tell you I still love you

Your voice still echoes in my heart
You are my true love

22.) Hands.

If someone had been around while I was trying to take this picture, it would be a much cooler picture. As it was, I had to settle with trying to use the self timer and get a good shot of my hands, which was awkward. 

I'm not thrilled with this picture, but I also didn't feel like trying to get a different shot. You can tell it's getting near the end of the challenge! 

Thanks for patiently scrolling through all those pictures. :) I got a little carried away with the whole tree thing. 

God Bless


  1. Oh, that song is nice. :) I loves it.

    And I think the picture is purteh. What a great shot of the rosary! I admit to being deeply impressed.

    1. You are? Well, that's nice. I didn't think it was that great. I did like the rosary in it, though.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. LOVE these autumn pictures!! Beautiful trees and beautiful, happy girls:)

  3. That was a nice day, yesterday, and those pictures turned out really great.

    1. It was a beautiful day. I know, the pictures are quite lovely.

  4. I love the photo and I think that it is so not fair that you have such beautiful woods near-ish (?) to you.

    1. Thank you! I know, we are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place. I know for a fact that I'm rather spoiled with it. :)