Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I want to sing and dance....

I'm just going to jump right in. 

9.) A song you can dance to...

I have a confession to make. I don't dance. This is not because I don't like it or because I don't know how, (though I don't really know how) it's because there aren't any young men my age in my town.

That's a slight exaggeration.

There are young men in my town, but either they are not the sort of person a nice young girl like me would want to dance with or I just don't know them.

End of confession.

All that being said, I have occasionally danced to this song. You can swing dance to it. At least I can swing dance to it.

9.) Someone you love.

It's not an easy thing convincing a loved on to let you take their picture. *Smile*

Plus, I waited till the last possible second and sort of just sprang  out of the darkness with a camera. That's enough to make anyone a little camera shy. I thought if I could just take the picture without her notice, it would be just a nice, natural shot and all that.

But she noticed. 

*Throws 'natural shot' out the window.*

"Just sit there like a normal person," I say and hand her a book. "This wont hurt a bit."

And it didn't. 

Now I must do a quick tag to enter Bella's really fun giveaway. You should do it too. You could win a really fun fandom pin. I'd very much like to own this one.

Go to here blog HERE for the rules. And tonight's the last night to enter. So, be hasty.

The Incredibly Random Tag

Would you ever play Roller Derby? I think it looks really retarded. Scary, creepy women knocking each other down. Why?

What do you think of Sherlock Season 3?
If I could just watch season three, I'd be more than happy to give an opinion on it! I am ever so ready for the blasted show to come out! And I'm still trying to decide if John with a mustache is a good thing or not.

Merlin or Doctor Who?
Doctor Who. I haven't watched Merlin yet. *Shrugs*

Would you buy a stetson? 
Absolutely. Or at least a stetson knock-off. Those things are expensive! And Cool.

What are you more scared of, Spiders or Wasps?

Did you ever like drawing with markers when you were little?
Not really. I didn't like the way the maker leaked through the paper.

Do you think clowns are funny or scary?
I've never thought clowns were funny, but I'm not scared of them either. I find them annoying and occasionally a bit creepy.

Have you ever had acorn squash?

Would you ever put highlights in your hair? 
Nope. I don't get adventurous with my hair. I am fond of it just the way it is. And I've heard bad stories of highlights going wrong...*shudders*

Do you like taking pictures?
Yeah, it's fun. It's not a big hobby or anything. It's more a on again/ off again sort of interest. 

That's it! 

God Bless~


  1. I love that song. It is very dancable.
    So....I take it Treskie hasn't told you the clown story yet? (It's my goal in life to make sure everyone is just as disturbed by clowns as I am, and that story is usually how I accomplish it.)

    1. I did SO tell her the clown story!!

    2. Hi Jack. :)
      Yes, she did share that clown story with me. And it was totally creepy. But I think I would be more creeped out with homeless people coming into my house than I would the fact that the kids called him a clown. But it was still a scary story. A babysitter's nightmare! I did a nanny job for several months where I basically went out and babysat for complete strangers, (Not recommendable. :) and that is not the sort of story one wants to hear about. lol.

  2. After allll those GIFsI sent you of Jensen dancing. After I was REALLY good and didn't post ONE because I didn't want to steal your thunder. After I ACTUALLY USED SELF CONTROL.


    1. It didn't quite fit after all. But good job on the self-control thing! I mean, our posts would have been identical and I didn't want that to happen...
      Sorry! lol.