Saturday, October 19, 2013

It comes in pints?

Hey! Ho! To the bottle I go.
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
But there still be many miles to go.

There was no reason for that. It just popped into my head, therefore it gets posted. 

19.) A song from your favorite album.

I can't actually just pick a favorite album straight out. I love so much music and so many different artists...

But if pressed, the album that keeps coming to mind is Josh Groban's Awake.

Come on, you all knew that I'd go for something Josh Groban related, didn't you?

One of my favorites on this album is In her eyes. It is such a beautiful song! I remember when this album first came out I listened to this song almost nonstop.

She stares through my shadow
She sees something more
Believes there's a light in me
She is sure
And her truth makes me stronger
Does she realize
I awake every morning
With her strength by my side

You may have noticed that I judge a song a lot by how good the lyrics are. Kind of the same way I judge a book by how good the characters are. The plot could be awesome, the writing style could be perfect, but if I don't like the characters, I won't care all that much for the book. Sort of the same thing with music. If the melody is awesome and catchy but I don't like what they lyrics are saying, I don't care for that song as much. Good lyrics go a long way for me.

The refrain to this song? Amazing. 

I am not a hero
I am not an angel
I am just a man
Man who's trying to love her
Unlike any other
In her eyes I am

I think this song will end up on the playlist at my wedding. :) 
You know how most girls plan their weddings down to every last detail? Dress, flowers, hair....
I don't. I plan what music I'm going to have playing! I am serious, you guys. I actually have a mental playlist of my 'reception' songs. It's a bit crazy. 

This world keeps on spinning
Only she stills my heart
She's my inspiration
She's my northern star
I don't count my possessions
All I call mine
I will give her completely
To the end of all time

Hopefully the fellow I marry will like Josh Groban music. I think he'll have to. Otherwise, how are we ever going to get along? lol.

In her eyes I see the sky and all I'll ever need
In her eyes time passes by and she is with me

I am not a hero
I am not an angel
I am just a man
Man who's trying to love her
Unlike any other
In her eyes I am
In her eyes I am

I was lucky enough to go to Josh Groban's Awake concert almost seven years ago (Daaang!) and this is exactly how he performed this song. It was about half way through the concert and...well. Just watch. 

He is awesome.

19.) Something orange.

Well, that's nice and vague. Vague is good. It leaves lots of room for creativity. So what did I do? I grabbed my book and my scarf and snapped a picture. How's that for creativity?

Hmm. That's not very much orange, is it? Oh well! I also took this picture and the colors are a little better in it.

What picture do you like better?

I'm going to leave you with this gif, because it makes me very happy.

God Bless!