Saturday, October 26, 2013

Get in, get out, get on with it.

The title says it all. I'm going to me hasty tonight. I'm so tired for some reason and I don't have the heart to try anything witty. (And you're all thinking, "your lasts posts were meant to be witty?" lol. Yes. Yes they were... )

26.) A song you can play on an instrument.

I am a very naughty musician, (if I can even call myself that!) and don't take the time to practice my instruments very often. I'd much rather spend that time singing. Then I listen to instrumental stuff and feel all sad that I haven't kept up with my flute or piccolo or guitar or piano. Then I become all industrious and practice everyday for a week or two before slipping back into my normal 'not practicing' mode. It's really pretty terrible. It's also something I'd really like to work on, because music is just so wonderful and why not do it?

Anyway, after that long and probably boring explanation, you might be surprised to know that I actually can still play stuff on my flute even when I haven't touched in in months.

I can always, without fail, play this song.

I just can't sing and play flute at the same time, which is rather sad. 

26.) Close up shot.

I was very tempted to pour a shot of something and take a close up of that, because I have a very simple sense of humor. But I didn't. I settled with just taking a picture of the drinks we had with dinner. The glasses had been in the freezer and they looked really lovely and frosty.

That's it. Goodbye!

God Bless

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