Saturday, October 12, 2013

For lack of anything better--Day 12 of the Challenge.

Hello, all you wonderful people!
I have to be super quick tonight, I have things to do. I have to make the floral arrangements for church tomorrow and I need to help my little sisters with stuff and I need to eat cookies and drink's a full schedule tonight! *Hehe*

Right, so. Let's get this party started.

And you're all just like,

And I'm just like,

12.) A song from a band you hate.

Hate...hmmm. That's such a strong word. I don't really listen to music that I hate, and therefor don't really know any of the bands that play said hated music.

But, after much thought and 'humming' and chin-rubbing, I finally remembered...Bob Dylan.

I don't think he's really considered a band, but it's gonna have to do. Besides, he's got such a downer of a voice.

Please, listen to his downer of a voice. lol.

12.) Sunset.

Now let me present the most pathetic sunset picture ever. 

So until tomorrow, I bid you all a very fond farewell! 

God Bless!


  1. His voice is a mixture of coughs and nodules. I don't understand how he became so popular. :P

  2. That is the perfect description of his voice! lol

  3. I HATE BOB DYLAN!!!! He doesn't sing really, he just kinda whines and talks.... kinda.... yeah....