Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Low shutter speed--

I'm going to get all crazy and post the picture first tonight. Ha! You didn't see that coming did you? *Smirk* I feel so original now.

16.) Low shutter speed.

I forgot my camera at my parents house yesterday, so this photo is a cell picture. It's pretty 'meh,' I know. I didn't put much effort into it.

Low shutter speed makes it possible to take a picture of movement--like waterfalls, jumping, splashing, get the idea. It's a cool thing. It can capture some really awesome pictures when you put a little effort into it. But I didn't. I was lazy and snapped a picture as I did dishes today. So you get this.

We know what's going to happen you when you splash water while doing dishes. "It's going to splash, very uneventfully for a moment. It's never going to surprise us with something new. Like a glorious double rainbow..."

If you can name what I paraphrased there, you get vanilla ice cream and brownies. Cyber style. :)

Anyway. That's my rubbish low shutter speed photo. 

16.) A song you used to love and now hate.

I really loved this song for a while, but after one too many listens I was like, "Nope. This song is totally annoying." 

The first part isn't too bad, but buy the second verse I'm done. And the clapping gets tedious. 

Part of it is, once you see this guy sing, you can't un-see it. He's like a drama queen. Over-the-top, vaguely creepy, with meticulously groomed hair. *Sneer*

"He's got the mooves like Elvis, he's got the MOOVES like Elvis... He's got the moo--oooo-oOOOOOOoooves...
like Elvis.

But Elvis, for all his strangeness, had some charm. This guy, has no charm. In my humble opinion. 

And on that note, I'll leave you.

Have a great evening!

God Bless~

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  1. Ooh, that's pretty cool. I like that picture.

    LOL. He does sort of have the moves like Jagger, doesn't he?